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GoFor Presents: 25+ Last Mile Statistics and Trends to Keep Up with in 2022

When it comes to getting deliveries, speed is expected, but is it sustainable? With the rise of e-commerce, last mile thinking...

Tags: retail

Why Good Customer Experience Matters in Construction Jobsite Delivery

A good jobsite delivery plan helps you deliver the right construction materials efficiently to boost your customer's...

Tags: construction

What is SOC 2 and Why Does it Matter?

At gofor, our customers’ trust is a top priority, and we’re continuously working to ensure that their confidential data remains...

Why Should You Outsource Jobsite Delivery of Building Materials to A Professional?

If your business is in the construction sector, you know that many players in this industry have specialized roles. Engaging the...

Tags: construction

How Atmosphere & Bois Transformed Customer Delivery Experience with GoFor

About the Customer

Aged and weathered wood reclaimed from century old barns and other buildings is a highly prized material used...

Tags: case study

Widespread Product Shortages Raise Havoc with Dealers’ Delivery Plans—and Budgets

Construction supply people are sounding a bit like Forrest Gump these days… and they’re not happy about it.

Tags: construction

Drones: Navigating the Future of Last Mile Logistics

“The last year has been very disruptive and destructive in some ways to a lot of people, but it's also shed a little light on...

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The Rise of eCommerce Marketplaces and What It Means for Your Customer Relationships

While many brands and online retailers offer their products through their own websites and platforms, online marketplaces are on...

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