our communities

Community is the soul of renewable delivery.

We’re not going back.  This system doesn’t go in reverse.  

Today, most people expect convenience and speed. And retailers are expected to have it, no matter their size.  No matter the consequence. 

But we’re at a crossroads. We continue down the same path and perpetuate the problems.  

Or we can deliver better.  

We can deliver a new model for the industry that invests in our people. We can deliver in a way that is more sustainable.  And include the people and places we impact, to make cities more livable while meeting the demands of a changing world.  Through this, we acknowledge the interconnection of all life on our planet as we develop a new renewable delivery model for the industry. One that is interdependent and accountable.  

Our success will be measured not only in deliveries or profit but in our stewardship of our communities, with a responsibility to ensure their prosperity and sustained health.  

deliver better

welcome to renewable delivery

Innovation isn’t just advanced technology, it’s also about implementing new approaches to old problems. With electric vehicles, carbon offsets, empowered drivers, and intelligent routing we created the renewable delivery model not just to make business more efficient, but to make communities stronger.

renewable miles

Through a combination of our electric vehicles and carbon offsets, for every delivery we drive in a nonelectric vehicle we will purchase carbon offsets. You still get the service you expect, while together we achieve a carbon free output — helping make your business more efficient and our communities stronger.

optimized miles

Efficient, data driven delivery is also at the heart of renewable delivery. Using right sized vehicles and empowered drivers we are taking the necessary steps to optimize how we get the packages to you. This renewable delivery approach also uses innovative features like smart routing and dispatch, real time tracking, and data driven reporting to give our drivers the tools they need to be even more efficient for our customers.

we’ve signed the global climate pledge 

We believe that climate change demands urgent and universal action and the time for it is now. Which is why gofor is a proud signatory of The Climate Pledge. We stand with 300 signatories in a commitment to being net zero carbon by 2040 across Scopes 1, 2 and 3 — 10 years ahead of The Paris Agreement. Through our renewable delivery initiative, our last mile deliveries are already carbon free.  As we continue to grow we are committing to making our entire company carbon neutral.

frequently asked questions

what is renewable delivery?

The heart of our renewable delivery lies in carbon offsets, electric vehicles, and empowered drivers. When used together, we remake the last mile delivery experience and deliver better.  

how does renewable delivery work?

It starts with our promise for our customers: We will deliver your big and bulky items, our service will be unmatched and our drivers will do what it takes to make the customer satisfied. We pledge to do all of that, carbon free.   

That means innovation. Like providing a large EV fleet to drivers to make it easy and affordable for drivers to use all electric service. EVs also need less maintenance than combustion engine vehicles, meaning there’s increased reliability with our eFleet.  

Finally, renewable delivery brings the power of big data to optimize every delivery. Smart routing and dispatch, real time tracking, right sizing of vehicles, and true reporting work alongside our professional and well compensated drivers. 

what is gofor’s plan for electric vehicles?

We have partnered with leading EV manufacturers like Odin to make it easy for our drivers to switch to all electric delivery. Our investment allows for a reliable supply of quality EVs to meet demand, while lowering our total carbon output significantly, providing quieter and cleaner delivery, and making our communities better places to live. 

how do carbon offsets work?

Carbon offsets remove carbon from the atmosphere using techniques including regenerative agriculture, afforestation, direct air capture, and enhanced weathering. While avoidance offsets, like solar farms, or reduction offsets, like fuel efficiency standards, are helpful, they only slow the rate of climate change, while reduction offsets take carbon out of the atmosphere — which can help mitigate the impact of climate change. 

how does technology play a part in renewable delivery?

We use the most up to date technologies to ensure that delivery creates less waste. Our delivery routes are optimized for efficiency, reducing drive time, and carbon emissions. We also enable our customers to choose the right size vehicle for every delivery, further reducing emissions.   
Our marketplace of on demand drivers and EV options even allows businesses to reduce the number of underused vehicles they operate, so their service is appropriately scaled to get customers what they need when they need it. 

what is the status of renewable delivery today?

It’s here today! We use smart systems and carbon offsets to reduce the environmental impact of delivering large and bulky items. We’re also actively recruiting professional drivers and building our electric vehicle fleet marketplace, with the goal of converting 50% of our fleet to all electric by 2025.

why should I care about renewable delivery?

Because your customers, investors, and shareholders do. Yes, they want fast and low cost delivery options, but where sustainable business practices are available, more and more consumers and corporations are aligning with environmental concerns. In fact, it’s a huge driver of brand loyalty: they see your company as aligning with their values. As the first independent delivery company to offer a greener last mile, gofor can give you a competitive edge and build loyalty to your brand with people willing to spend a premium on their values.  

how does renewable delivery make cities more livable?

We all want cities to be more livable, for ourselves and our families. The air we breathe and the neighborhoods we live in matter. Our EVs are quiet, they don’t create emissions, and our investments in carbon offsets use natural processes to remove and store greenhouse gases. Our tech driven scheduling and routing of deliveries reduce the number of vehicles on any given route every day. And with smart packaging, we will also reduce unnecessary waste going to landfills and carbon intensive manufacturing. 

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