How Yarmand Increased Sales During Peak Season with GoFor

Like many outdoor power equipment retailers, Yarmand had an existing delivery system in place with a pickup truck and trailer. But as demand for their products and services increased, they found it difficult to scale deliveries.

One of Yarmand’s key business segments is snowblowers — which are large and difficult for most customers to transport. Offering delivery for these products was essential, so Yarmand turned to GoFor to scale up their delivery service.

About Yarmand

What They Do: Yarmand is the go-to power equipment expert in Ottawa, Ontario. They offer a variety of products and services to help homeowners manage their properties and have peace of mind doing so.

Locations: Greater Ottawa Area

Industry: Outdoor Power Equipment


Vehicles Used

Enclosed 16ft Trailer

  • snowblowers

How We Helped

Reliable On-Demand Deliveries

By partnering with GoFor, Yarmand was able to offer same day delivery to their customers. This helped provide a better experience, giving customers peace of mind that their snowblower would arrive before a snowstorm hit. It also made Yarmand stand out from its competitors, as same day delivery isn’t offered at every outlet.

In-Store Signage

To help promote the delivery service, GoFor created tags for Yarmand to display on its snowblowers. Yarmand customers would see the tags and ask about the service. And Yarmand staff could feel confident making delivery promises, knowing GoFor would handle the delivery.

Delivery Tracking & Technology

Yarmand’s operations team also benefited from the partnership with GoFor. In the platform, they had access to pictures and timelines for every delivery — so if something was questioned they had the information they needed at their fingertips.

The Results

Since partnering with GoFor, Yarmand has seen sales of their snowblowers increase. During peak buying periods (like snowstorms) they needed to deliver machines quickly — before the snow hit. Because GoFor’s average delivery time is under 2 hours, this wasn’t a problem for Yarmand. They were able to guarantee delivery — giving customers confidence their snowblower would arrive before the snow.  This in turn, increased Yarmand’s sales. 

Because of the success they’ve seen with the snowblower program, Yarmand has also started expanding their use of GoFor to handle service requests. When customers have a machine that needs servicing, Yarmand now uses GoFor to pick up the machine for service and return it to the customer.

“We’ve had feedback from customers saying, ‘it was great that I got a text that the delivery was on the way.’ So that was nice to see because people are starting to expect that. It’s made our business shine.”

— Masood Yarmand, CEO & Co-Founder Yarmand