Best Last Mile Delivery Companies: How to Choose a Top Last Mile Delivery Company

As any contractor can tell you, running out of materials sucks. You have to leave your jobsite, drive to a supplier, pick-up what you need, and then drive back.

This wastes a ton of time and can cause delays that ultimately cost you money.

This problem is one of the reasons we started GoFor — and we’ve seen a rise of on-demand construction material delivery services in the past few years. Many of these services offer apps which makes it easy to request materials delivery from the jobsite.

But how do you choose the right partner?

In this article we’ll break down six things you should consider when choosing a last mile logistics partner.

1) What type of vehicle do you need?

One of the first things you’ll want to consider is the type of vehicle you’ll need. Do you need a specialized vehicle — or will a pick-up work? Not all companies offer specialized construction vehicles, so double check what vehicles will be available to you. If you need specific vehicles like boom or moffat trucks consider looking for a partner that specializes in the construction industry.

2) What do you need transported?

Consider the types of materials you will need delivered. Are any classified as dangerous goods? Not all material delivery services will transport dangerous goods, so make sure to check on material restrictions — and what classes of dangerous goods they are certified to transport.

3) How experienced are the drivers?

If you’re regularly working on new builds, you’ll probably want to choose a construction material delivery app that hires drivers with construction experience. New job sites can be confusing for inexperienced drivers and there are safety concerns they may not be prepared for. Look for last mile delivery companies that specialize in construction and have safety policies in place — such as required PPE for drivers.

4) How quickly do you need supplies?

It should go without saying, but double check the logistics partner offers on-demand delivery. Many material delivery services offer local deliveries in a few hours, but it’s worth checking the policy to see how quickly you can get supplies delivered.

5) Where do you operate?

If you have operations in multiple cities or regions, see if the last mile delivery company also operates in those areas. It’s much easier to use the same partner for all your on-demand deliveries than finding local services in each city.

6) How much will it cost?

Material delivery companies often have different pricing models. Many charge by weight or per item — which can add up quickly. Look for partners (like GoFor) that charge by vehicle type to get the most bang for your buck.

The Bottom Line

Not all last mile delivery services are made the same. Make sure you choose a partner that has experienced drivers, the vehicles you need in the cities you operate in, and can cost-effectively deliver your supplies on-demand.