Why Good Customer Experience Matters in Construction Jobsite Delivery

A good jobsite delivery plan helps you deliver the right construction materials efficiently to boost your customer’s productivity. However, speed is not all that your customers are looking for in delivery. They will value you more if you offer unrivaled customer experiences. Here are some key benefits of focusing on customer experience: 

Customer Loyalty 

When you offer exceptional customer experiences, you reduce your churn rate. This helps you get repeat orders and increase your revenue. 

Customer acquisition costs are usually higher than customer retention costs. So, loyal customers give you more business opportunities at a lower cost than new customers. Always offer exceptional customer experiences to get repeat orders.  

Contractors and construction companies are using logistics companies like FedEx and Amazon as the yardstick to evaluate your efficiency and accuracy in delivering construction materials.  Use your customer experience to retain your customers and grow your business even when you do not market your brand aggressively.  

Brand Reputation 

Your brand and company reputation depend on your customers. The services and experiences you give them determine how they feel about your brand. If your brand is highly respected, you will easily get business opportunities from existing and new customers. 

Customers may discuss your brand with their peers. If they are delighted with their service experience, they will recommend you to other players in the construction industry. The opposite is also true; if they are disgruntled, they will share their bad experiences.  

Unfortunately, most people are quick to share bad experiences than good ones — and one bad experience can ruin the reputation you have built over time. Being consistent with your customer service levels is so important; you may not always offer perfect delivery services, but you can ensure the customer understands and is happy with how you handle each situation. 

Most clients in the construction industry ask for recommendations before choosing a logistics company to contract. Ensure your clients consider you as the go-to delivery company that will confidently recommend you to others. Five-star online reviews help!  

Cost-Free Marketing 

When your clients are delighted with your customer service levels, they become loyal to your brand and willingly share their experiences with their peers. This word-of-mouth marketing can trigger a chain reaction that wins you more clients. 

Happy clients also market your brand through social media. With most people openly sharing their customer experiences on social media, use your delighted customers to advertise your brand to their friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, and other followers. 

Competitive Advantage 

Good customer experience helps you shine above your competitors. Your business thrives when you are better than your competitors. It ensures you have a regular flow of orders, raising your revenue and profitability.  

When you offer exceptional customer experiences, you distinguish yourself from competing brands. This helps you retain clients to help you grow your brand. 

What Does Great Customer Delivery Look Like? 

The construction industry’s expectations around delivery have grown higher since seeing specialized companies offer large-scale deliveries reliably, efficiently, and sustainably, like GoFor’s Renewable Delivery. Frequently, these companies provide service levels that a supplier’s in-house fleet can’t match. So, consider outsourcing jobsite delivery to a trusted delivery partner.  

If you are wondering what constitutes a good customer experience from a delivery company, read on.  


Most of your clients do not have safe spaces to store construction materials in bulk. They want a delivery company that can reliably drop off the right materials when they are needed.  

This will help to avoid ordering large volumes of materials and losing them on unsafe sites. If they are sure that you will deliver what they need, when they need it, they are likely to stick with you as you help them keep projects on schedule. 

Fast Deliveries 

Speedy deliveries will give you a good reputation with your clients. If construction materials are delayed, the project may be affected. Depending on the arrangement the client has with their workers, they may pay them to sit idle as they wait for materials to arrive on site. Offering speedy deliveries, even on short notice, will earn you a good reputation and keep your customers loyal 

On-Demand Deliveries 

Contractors look for building material suppliers and logistics partners that can deliver on-demand. They may deplete materials and do not want work to stop while they wait for deliveries. They may also place several orders in a day and expect you to deliver without fail. Demonstrate that they can rely on you to earn their trust and loyalty. 

Industry Experience 

Contractors want to work with companies that understand the materials they order and can deliver them to their job sites. If you’re partnering with a delivery company to get materials to clients when they need them, choose one with experience loading different construction materials accurately and delivering them safely to job sites.  

Effective Communication 

Ensure your customers can reach you to place orders or follow up on their orders by communicating your working hours. Customers may also want you to deliver materials on short notice.  

If you get into problems and foresee a delay, inform the clients – even as you plan to deliver as quickly as possible. Also, communicate early and clearly when you experience product shortages and cannot get the exact materials the client has ordered. Do not deliver what you consider an alternative product before consulting your client.

The Right Equipment 

If you have the right equipment, clients will know you can deliver all types of materials, even those that require a specific type of vehicle, such as Boom trucks used to carry rooftop materials. Outsourcing a delivery partner for the equipment you do not have helps you give better customer experiences to your clients.  It means they do not have to deal with different logistics companies.  

In Conclusion 

When you partner with an expert in construction jobsite delivery, you can quickly gain a reputation as the supplier that offers great customer experience when it comes to delivery.