Just in time for the holidays: GoFor hits the U.S. with $20 million Series A funding

Today is a big day for us.

I’m thrilled to share the news that GoFor Industries has raised nearly $20 million Series A growth investment to drive our ongoing expansion into the U.S. With this latest endorsement, we are on track to be the leading “Get it Delivered Now” on-demand delivery business in North America!

As you know, GoFor delivers any package, small to big ‘n bulky, on-demand. To give you a little back story, our company is experiencing record-setting growth. The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled a surge in last-mile delivery for businesses across all industries. But a lot of companies can’t fill orders so quickly. Usually if you buy a sofa, for example, it takes two weeks to get it. And even Amazon can’t ship big-and-bulky items. We can. We’re making delivery an on-demand service, so people can get their purchases fast — and brands can focus on creating an amazing delivery experience.

Retail and construction businesses know the challenges of getting their products to customers in a timely and efficient manner. A company has one chance to do it right: 84% of customers who have a bad delivery experience won’t ever buy from that brand again. And as more and more people are buying online, often never even setting foot in a store, the delivery person becomes the face of the brand — that’s GoFor.  

Our delivery business is efficient and cost-effective. Small companies can use our truck fleets and our web-based scheduling tool. Large businesses can supplement and scale their existing fleets and connect their logistics systems with ours. It’s why we’re seeing unprecedented growth across North America. In fact, we’ve made hundreds of thousands of deliveries since March, boosting revenue five times.

Funding at a pivotal time

Talk about timing!

Just as we enter the busiest online holiday shopping season ever… this funding round led by venture capital firm Builders VC also includes participation from MetaProp, GroundBreak Ventures, Plug & Play Ventures and Panache Ventures. It will finance our push into major U.S. cities over the next three months. It’ll also give us the fuel to build more partnerships to bolster our leading Fortune 500 brands customer base.

This recent round, which brings our total to nearly $30 million, will lead the way in disrupting and modernizing delivery logistics. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our amazing investors and previous funders — Cemex Ventures, Mucker Capital, 12BF Global Ventures and Force1 Investments.

Additionally, we are delighted to welcome Mark Blackwell, partner at Builders VC, to our GoFor Board. Mark brings deep expertise, and ample resources, to help us scale into one of North America’s largest logistics companies.

Smashing the holiday delivery bottleneck

Our experience since launching in 2017 has taught us how to service clients with a high level of customer service — and how to move big-and-bulky products efficiently. Starting with construction, we’ve expanded to omni-channel. And since we don’t own the trucks, but work with partners who are professional fleet operators or owner-operators, we have a success rate of 98% on-time deliveries. With our outsourced fleets, we can easily and quickly scale to meet demand.

We’re seeing holiday ecommerce up 30 to 50% over last year to the highest level in history. This will continue well into 2021. But a lot of companies haven’t adjusted to the new way of shipping and delivery.

They’re still doing it the old way. We mean to disrupt the traditionalists.

Amazon has set the stage: Everyone expects same-day delivery and three hours is the new standard. Retailers who want to compete need to do what Amazon does. “Get it delivered now” is what we provide.

The next wave: the giga-economy

We’re already thinking about what’s to come and we see a huge number of driver applications coming in. It’s about considering how the products come into the customer’s hands — and that trend isn’t going anywhere.

Our aim is an 11 out of 10 delivery every time, like Nigel’s “up to 11” amp volume in the cult classic, “This Is Spinal Tap.” 

It’s about protecting brand reputation, and that investment is priceless. Our independent, insured, PPE protected drivers like working for us because they make a solid living, which keeps them happy. So, they provide a great delivery experience, everyone is smiling, and our customers just love it.

With this funding under our belt — we are celebrating — here’s to Next Gen Delivery! Here’s to get it delivered now! Here’s to turning GoFor (Gopher) into the next Unicorn. Onwards! Upwards! Vroom!


Brad Rollo, CEO

P.S. Here’s a recent story in Business Insider about GoFor’s successful fundraising effort that underscores the attention last-mile delivery services like GoFor are drawing from both investors and prospective customers. (Link directly to the Business Insider story at the GoFor website here.)