4 Benefits of On Demand Construction Material Delivery

A project completed on time or ahead of schedule saves expenses for every stakeholder — not just the developer or homeowner, but every trade involved in the project. Just as importantly, the sooner a structure is completed, the sooner you can move on to recoup the benefits of your next build.

But even with more contractors looking for ways to deliver projects faster, only 25% of projects came in within 10% of their original deadlines in the past three years. Why? A big part of the problem is lack of efficiency on the job-site.

The Productivity Problem

Despite a booming construction market, competition is fierce, and profit margins are shrinking as businesses scramble to capture market share — often missing out on opportunities to invest in new technology and best business practices.

Meanwhile, as a Construction Owners Association of America (COAA) study observes, 63% of direct labor time on mega-construction projects is spent:

  • Taking breaks
  • Planning how to do the work
  • Traveling to and from the build area
  • Waiting on materials and equipment

While breaks and planning delays are often issues of insufficient time management and communication, the often larger obstacles tied to material delivery are problems that specifically stood out to me during my 10 years as a general contractor.

I often spent most of the day being a “gopher” for my teams — picking up and delivering last-minute needed materials to various job sites. I quickly realized that there was no efficient way to get materials to a job site fast.

That is where the idea behind GoFor was born — an on-demand construction material delivery service specifically tailored for the needs of both suppliers and builders. The benefits of this model quickly become clear.

Benefits of On-Demand Materials Delivery

Time Savings: This one of the biggest benefits — and simple ways to boost jobsite productivity. Every minute you are missing materials is a minute that your project is being delayed. For general contractors on a project, on-demand materials delivery ensures that no time is lost to waiting for materials.  

Cost-Effective Labor: If you start sending a team member from a job site on deliveries, you’re paying expensive specialized expertise to be away from the jobsite (it always ends up being the most skilled person). It makes a whole lot more sense to have a delivery service — which is more efficient and cost effective to handle the job, leaving your tradesmen to focus on the job they were hired for. 

Just-in-Time Construction: The costs associated with having to carry extra inventory cannot be ignored which is why it is a model employed in the manufacturing industry to much success. With just in time delivery construction professionals can eliminate costs associated with excess inventory, and reduce the risk of product getting damaged or stolen. 

Eliminate Hassles: On any given construction project you can expect the unexpected, from unforeseen material or equipment needs to vehicle breakdowns. Contractors can now solve these issues quickly — simply launching an app and with a few taps and get the materials they need — right now.  

GoFor Stands Apart

Originally created to serve contractors who need extra supplies delivered in a timely manner, GoFor also serves a rapidly growing network of merchants, distributors, and manufacturers of construction materials and industrial products. We allow businesses to provide on-demand delivery as a value-added service or to supplement their existing fleet of delivery vehicles, in many cases turning fixed capital and OPEX into 100% variable OPEX.

Customers can also choose GoFor as their exclusive outsourced partner for local and out-of-town deliveries allowing them to free capital and operating expenses by disposing of their own fleet assets

GoFor isn’t the only available on-demand delivery service, but several factors set us apart from other services:  

Our Construction Focus: Most other on-demand delivery services will move anything from 2x4s to furniture and household goods. They do deliveries by car or cargo van but are not equipped to deal with the specialized nature of construction. GoFor’s vehicle fleets include a wide range of vehicles including heavy-duty vehicles from flatbeds to boom trucks, meaning we have the resources to move any type of load safely. We also have vehicles that are certified for hazardous materials transport. 

Professional Drivers: Every driver in our fleet is experienced in construction materials delivery, insured, and equipped with the safety gear to get the job done while serving as a professional representative of your business. Our drivers are vigilant with the loading and unloading of curbside deliveries, handling each item with care and attention.

Easy-to-Use App & Tools: With the GoFor construction material delivery app, contractors or suppliers can schedule a delivery from wherever they are — in a store, on the road, or on the jobsite. Whether you prefer to use a mobile phone or desktop device, our platform takes care of the rest of the details for you. It schedules dispatch and routes deliveries based on location and time constraints and optimizes the number of deliveries and pick-ups each vehicle can make — so your team operates at maximum efficiency. GoFor also provides a dashboard with delivery status and detailed metrics around costs per delivery, so you can easily keep a pulse on business.

Customer Service: Perhaps one of the most important benefits we hear back from our customers is — our customer service. Quite simply, GoFor will always work hard to earn your business and your trust, and if something is not right, we work very quickly to set things right.  

GoFor Delivers Construction. 

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