How GoFor is Helping Allmar Focus on Customers, Not Deliveries

Like many building material suppliers, Allmar used local couriers instead of a delivery partner to fulfill their in-town deliveries. But they were finding it difficult to manage the delivery experience.

It was hard to influence pick up and delivery times, determine where the product would be delivered on-site, or even what the condition of the product would be when it got there. Overall, they did not have control of how the courier was representing their brand through the overall delivery experience.

In addition to this, managing multiple courier companies created extra work for their accounts payable team — and made it difficult to control delivery costs.

Allmar realized they needed to take back control of their delivery experience and find a better way to manage in-town deliveries.

About Allmar

What they do: Allmar is Canada’s largest team of architectural door, hardware, and construction specialty experts. They aim to provide safety and security for their customers through innovative doors, door automation, architectural hardware, integrated electronic access, security products and accessory solutions. Allmar is committed to being the number one choice for secure and safe architectural openings: offering expert advice, quality of products and on-time delivery.

Locations: Allmar has 13 Canadian locations across Canada (Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Medicine Hat, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Ottawa.)

Industry: Construction, Lumber & Building Materials


Vehicles Used

Empowering the Allmar Team

Allmar partnered with GoFor so they could have visibility into their delivery costs, more control over the sizes of trucks available, predictable delivery times, and a trusted partner committed to excellence, just like them.

Previously the Allmar team spent a lot of time on the phone, trying to find a courier that could meet their needs. Now they have a frictionless user experience with an option of using the GoFor App or Web Portal where they can obtain a quote and schedule deliveries in a few minutes. This has resulted in an increase in productivity, giving staff the ability to schedule their days and focus more on the customer in front of them.

“When rolling out any tool there is a change management component. However, once you have implemented and trained your team on how to use the tool, it sells itself. It is so easy to use — your logistics team will feel empowered and will embrace the control the GoFor approach provides.”

Taking Control of Costs

Instead of dealing with multiple local couriers, Allmar now has a single last mile partner they trust and can rely on, in GoFor. This has reduced the headache of managing multiple couriers and makes it easier to keep track of daily, monthly, and annual delivery costs.

“Think about the overall impact to your business, the cost of having someone code freight, the time spent chasing invoices, giving your logistics team visibility in what they do daily, having fewer phone calls about material showing up damaged or a bad experience with the driver. These issues go away when you use this tool.”

Reducing Customer Complaints

Since partnering with GoFor, Allmar has also seen a decrease in clients expressing concerns about missing or damaged products.

“We have little to no issues with customers expressing concerns about missing products or the condition of their order.”

If there are disputes, Allmar’s team is able to quickly pull up the photo record for all completed transactions on GoFor’s online platform and resolve the issue.

Expanding Services

With GoFor, Allmar has access to services that a traditional courier doesn’t offer. For example, one of Allmar’s biggest challenges was getting access to a 5 ton truck service, on-demand. GoFor was able to provide delivery partners to handle Allmar’s truck size requirements and on-demand volume — providing more revenue for the fleet operators — and allowing Allmar to deliver their products when they were needed.

“GoFor worked with our other partners on the long haul side to build a solution that is tailored to our needs. It’s great how they integrate with our existing partners to build the freight and shipping experience Allmar wants to deliver.”

Creating an 11/10 Delivery Experience

One of Allmar’s key values is treating others as they would like to be treated, fostering respected relationships with employees, customers, and vendors. They needed a delivery partner that shared that value and commitment to excellence.

With GoFor, Allmar has more visibility into the delivery experience, with predictable delivery times and real-time tracking and photos of the product throughout the delivery journey. They can place orders seamlessly and now have control over their customer experience, with the scalability of the truck sizes available to them when they need them as well as dedicated GoFor reps that work with them to ensure delivery excellence.

“For us that 11/10 experience is the following:

  • A picture of the signed bill of lading from our customer 100% of the time
  • GPS tracking on the driver
  • Consistent customer experience that reflects the “Allmar philosophy” to customer service
  • Pictures of the product before it leaves our dock and when it arrives with our customer
  • Cloud based access to all our data, organized
  • Intuitive software and tools to empower our logistics professionals

GoFor delivers this everyday and when there is an issue they are responsive and work to resolve it immediately. It’s why we continue to use GoFor for all of our local and last mile needs.”