How Wolfe Construction Gets Materials to Job Sites Faster

Like many large general contractors, Wolfe Construction had an in-house delivery driver. The problem was, the driver’s route was planned a day in advance. If one of their sites had a last minute materials request, Wolfe Construction had to either defer their driver (creating delays at other sites) or send their workers to the hardware store in their personal vehicles.

Wolfe Construction knew they needed a better way to handle last minute material requests, so they partnered with GoFor for short notice delivery to their sites.

About Wolfe Construction

What They Do: Wolfe Construction is a general contractor focussing on indoor commercial projects for franchises and the medical industry. They are the go-to contractor for national and international franchises in Northern Alberta.

Locations: Alberta, Canada

Industry: General Contractor





When Wolfe Construction had short notice materials requests come up, they placed the delivery request through the GoFor app. Instead of interrupting their driver’s route, GoFor would pick-up the materials and deliver them to Wolfe Construction’s job sites in 2-3 hours.


One of the things that drew Wolfe Construction to GoFor was the app. Unlike courier options they’d used in the past, with the GoFor app they could place orders from the field — making it easier to get materials to sites faster.


One of Wolfe Construction’s concerns about app-based services was losing the personal contact you get with traditional couriers. But that’s not the case with GoFor.

“The biggest problem with apps is sometimes you lose that personal contact. You might need to make a change, but doing that on the app isn’t always easy. With GoFor, I can just contact my GoFor account manager, and he will change it for me. So I’ve got the best of both worlds.”

— Moe Aboudib, President of Wolfe Construction


Since partnering with GoFor, Wolfe Construction has seen a reduction in delays on site — helping to increase the productivity of their workers. They’ve been able to get materials to their sites faster than before. And their workers no longer need to leave job-sites to go get materials.

“We’re getting our materials faster. This is preventing snags and hold ups on site. That’s the most important thing and this change has been obvious.”

— Moe Aboudib, President of Wolfe Construction