On-Demand, Same-Day Delivery Experts, GoFor, Launches “Shop Local” Program in Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Phoenix, Offering 5 Free Deliveries to Support Local Businesses

OTTAWA, Ontario–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GoFor Industries, North America’s leading last-mile, on-demand delivery, and logistics marketplace, announced a new “shop local” program targeted at Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Phoenix businesses. The first 100 businesses in each city that apply and qualify will receive 5 free deliveries to test drive the GoFor same-day delivery service with their local customers.

GoFor’s Initiative “Shop Local. Get it Delivered Now” is offering the first 100 businesses 5 free same-day local deliveries to test drive with their customers. This delivery effort is meant to serve the needs of businesses and their customers who require that boost of support to get their goods delivered locally, same-day, door to door. To further support the local businesses, GoFor can provide signage and digital marketing tools to help these businesses communicate that they are open and can get their goods in the hands of their valued customers the same day they order them.

“We have witnessed a surge in demand for reliable, same-day delivery as customers increasingly make purchases online and expect rapid delivery. Businesses are under more threat than ever and same-day delivery is table stakes in order to compete and stay open,” said Brad Rollo, CEO of GoFor Industries. “GoFor’s delivery business and logistics platform specializes in trucks of all sizes that can deliver within three hours locally on the same-day. We hope this ‘shop local’ effort will help boost local businesses by allowing them to test out our service and provide their customers with goods they might not be able to retrieve quickly as a result of the pandemic.”

GoFor already delivers hundreds of thousands of packages, parcels, furniture and big-and-bulky building materials each year for companies of all sizes and industries, with flexible shipping options and scalable outsourced fleets.

“GoFor understands that local businesses need to compete with Amazon’s level of delivery and that they need to have fast, on-demand, and flexible shipping capabilities. We level the playing field for everyone from the small mom and pop store to the big boxes who all need to find a way to meet the shipping needs of their customers,” Rollo explained. “Predictable and quick delivery in hours instead of days is the new standard, so the option to access a 3-hour delivery service, has never been more critical, to a business’s survival.”

GoFor supports hundreds of customers who are among the biggest names in retail, including North America’s largest home improvement chain. They recently announced a partnership with the California-based, electric vehicle Fleet-as-a-Service (FaaS) provider, Royale EV and secured $20 million in Series A Funding, late last year, to finance expansion into new cities and boost their presence in existing locations.

About GoFor Industries

Get it Delivered Now”—that’s the GoFor promise. GoFor delivers any package, small to big and bulky, locally within three hours. The Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-based company helps North American businesses of all sizes get their products into the hands of customers faster and works with some of the biggest names in the retail, construction, and supply-chain industries. Small companies can use GoFor’s outsourced truck fleets and web-based scheduling tool. Large businesses can supplement and scale their own existing fleets, and link to GoFor’s logistics system. The result is efficient, cost-effective delivery servicing today’s “I want it now” online customer. 

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