On-demand Delivery Pioneer GoFor Drives Industry into a Clean, Green Future, in Partnership with Royale EV to Electrify Vehicle Fleets

The future is electric, and GoFor is leading the charge with Royale EV. Electrified fleets will ensure same-day delivery is fast, safe and eco-friendly.

Strategic partnership follows GoFor’s successful $20M Series A funding 

OTTAWA, CANADA – January 11, 2021 – GoFor Industries, North America’s leading last mile, on-demand delivery, and logistics marketplace, announced today that it is partnering with California-based electric vehicle Fleet-as-a-Service (Faas) provider, Royale EV, as part of a strategic move to electric vehicle based delivery starting in early 2021. The partnership is part of GoFor’s commitment to the emerging green logistics marketplace and part of GoFor’s aim to reduce environmental and energy footprint in logistics, while offering superior return-on-investment.

“The green logistics marketplace aligns with our core values, which are rooted in driver and vehicle safety coupled with environmental protection,” said Brad Rollo, GoFor CEO. “We are aiming to convert half of our fleet to electric by 2025, beginning with GoFor’s California-based fleet, followed by rapid expansion across North America. With these electric vehicles, we hope to help reduce air pollution, cut sound and help reduce carbon emissions in the inner cities.” 

The global Covid-19 pandemic and resulting demand for more efficient delivery mechanisms has also boosted demand for Royale EV’s fleet-as-a-service platform from fleet and retail operators, who recognize the significant cost savings of going electric as well as the benefits to driver safety and the environment. Royale EV’s advanced technologies include enhanced driver safety and robotic delivery systems.

“Market demand far outstrips supply right now, and the biggest challenge fleet operators face is how to manage the complexity and cost of switching to an unfamiliar transportation platform and infrastructure,” said Ian Gardner, Royale EV CEO. “We make switching transportation platforms easy by managing all of the different elements for the operator and by giving a superior delivery experience at a steady, predictable cost.”

GoFor delivers hundreds of thousands of packages, parcels, furniture and big-and-bulky building materials each year for companies of all sizes and industries, with flexible shipping options and scalable outsourced fleets. 

The company is rapidly growing its logistics operations and has experienced record growth during the ongoing global pandemic, which has spurred unprecedented demand for reliable, same-day delivery from brands across all industries. GoFor’s hundreds of customers are among the biggest names in retail, including North America’s largest home improvement chain. 

“Online buying and consumers that want their products delivered today are here to stay,” Rollo said. “Our focus is on helping businesses big or small get their products into the hands of customers faster — with an 11 out of 10 delivery experience every time.”

Prior to the electric vehicle partnership, GoFor recently secured $20 million in Series A Funding to finance expansion into 11 new American cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami and Phoenix. GoFor also services Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Charlotte and major metropolitan areas across Canada.

About GoFor Industries

“Get it delivered now”—that’s the GoFor promise. GoFor delivers any package, small to big ‘n bulky, within three hours. The Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-based company helps North American businesses of all sizes get their products into the hands of customers faster, and works with some of the biggest names in the retail, construction and supply-chain industries. Small companies can use GoFor’s outsourced truck fleets and web-based scheduling tool. Large businesses can supplement and scale their own existing fleets, and link to GoFor’s logistics system. The result is efficient, cost-effective delivery servicing today’s “I want it now” online customer. For more information on GoFor, visit www.gofordelivers.com. To read more about GoFor’s recent announcements, visit www.gofordelivers.com/news.

About Royale EV

Royale EV is a commercial electric Fleet-as-a-Service provider with a proprietary software solution integrating and managing all aspects of electric commercial fleet operations, including vehicle management, safety, preventive maintenance, charging, routing, insurance compliance, finance and emissions reduction tracking. The Royale turnkey solution makes it easy for fleets to electrify by providing the electric truck, charging infrastructure, insurance, financing, preventive maintenance and fleet management software for a simple bundled price linked to usage. Fleet operators benefit from savings on total cost of ownership, ease of conversion to electric vehicles and predictable, steady costs. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. Info: www.GoRoyale.app.

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