Last Mile Delivery Service GoFor Commits to EVs

While the advances in battery technology and management capabilities properly position electric vehicles in compete in the open market, it is the growing number of industry commitments driving the continued development efforts.

Case in point: GoFor Industries, a last mile, on-demand delivery, and logistics marketplace provider, recently announced a strategic partnership with electric vehicle Fleet-as-a-Service (Faas) provider, Royale EV. The partnership is part of GoFor’s commitment to the emerging green logistics marketplace and part of GoFor’s aim to reduce environmental and energy footprint in logistics, while offering superior return-on-investment.

“The green logistics marketplace aligns with our core values, which are rooted in driver and vehicle safety coupled with environmental protection,” said Brad Rollo, GoFor CEO, in a statement. “We are aiming to convert half of our fleet to electric by 2025, beginning with GoFor’s California-based fleet, followed by rapid expansion across North America. With these electric vehicles, we hope to help reduce air pollution, cut sound and help reduce carbon emissions in the inner cities.”

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