Making Last Mile Your Retail Superpower

Mega-brand or mom ‘n pop, you’ve got to take back delivery control every step of the way — from warehouse to the ‘last mile.’

What’s the key to e-commerce success in this new world?

Owning the delivery experience. If anything goes wrong, people associate that with the retail brand: 84% of online customers won’t buy from that supplier again if they have a bad delivery. We believe every delivery should be an 11 out of 10.

The “last mile” and why it matters

It’s the final delivery stretch: bringing products from the warehouse into the hands of customers. It’s also the most inefficient and tricky part. When times are tough, what separates us is customer service and fleet accessibility. Nowadays, many consumers will never actually set foot in a store, so the only physical touchpoint a brand has is the delivery person.

The problem

There’s been rapid growth in e-commerce adoption, fueled by the global pandemic. This increased demand, which isn’t going away, has highlighted a longtime flaw in the delivery industry: fleet exhaustion and delays. Carriers can’t keep up with the scale of growth. The brands that get this right will prevail.

The solution

We help merchants big and small, from construction verticals to retail, make delivery a strategic advantage — and provide them with the customer service to stand out in a very crowded market. A customer can place an order and have the goods at their house within two to three hours of purchase. We work with exclusive logistics partners, so companies can own the on-demand delivery experience by either supplementing or completely outsourcing their fleets.

Your competitive edge

We offer predictability and transparency. Retailers understand what they’re spending on every delivery. Our automated system manages each delivery and keeps the retailer, and customers, informed. The GoFor platform integrates into e-commerce, ERPs, PoS and other platforms making it a seamless and easy experience.


With a minimal investment, companies can compete globally with powerhouses like Amazon, thanks to faster fulfillment and the ability to serve “I want it now” customers. A word of advice in a pandemic world To win the market, every business will need a strategy to take back full control of customer delivery to the last (and only) touch. That last mile is the tipping point!

media contact

Nicole Cheffey

vice president marketing