Five Shipping Challenges That Put Vaccine Delivery at Risk

The coronavirus pandemic exposed a fatal flaw in the delivery industry that existed long before the hampered vaccine rollout: an inability to scale fleets quickly and affordably during demand surges. 

COVID-19 created an immediate change in not just our everyday lives, but the everyday way we shop. In a normal January, delivery demands drop about 30-40% after the holiday crunch. This year, volume has fallen just 5%.

Venerable brands that couldn’t keep up have shuttered their doors for good. Others are still scrambling for delivery solutions so they can survive. 

With the added pressure on the carriers now to deliver the vaccine and vaccine supplies, the situation we find ourselves in today is nothing less than daunting. It’s been said that this is the biggest logistical operation the world has seen since World War II — and it’s going to take innovative thinking, strategic partnerships and leveraging the best technology to overcome the challenges stacked against logistics teams. 

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