GoFor Launches Renewable Delivery Providing 10 for 1 Carbon Offsets for Last Mile Services

Renewable Delivery challenges industry to be more aggressive in combating climate change

The company is launching a combo of EVs and carbon offsets along with smart packaging for cleaner, city-friendly last mile services

TORONTO, Ontario – (September 21, 2021) – GoFor, North America’s leading marketplace for same-day last mile delivery of big and bulky items, today launched a last mile strategy called Renewable Delivery™, which will remove the carbon footprint of its deliveries and includes new offerings that bring better efficiency to the last mile. These offerings include renewable miles, smart packaging and first-of-a-kind delivery technologies, which together provide fast, efficient, and climate-positive options for GoFor’s business customers.

GoFor’s renewable delivery strategy was born out of listening to customers who want to serve fast-growing demand for rapid and low-cost same day delivery while dramatically reducing the environmental impact. The company’s existing sustainable business practices, which also include delivery routes optimized for efficiency, drive times and fuel consumption, are being taken to a new, industry-leading level that includes carbon offsets, electric vehicles (EVs), smart technology and packaging. 

GoFor will now subtract more emissions than it adds to the atmosphere through a combination of carbon removal offsets and independently owned, zero-emission EVs to drive an efficient, seamless last mile logistics practice. The strategy also includes smart technology solutions that reduce per unit costs and smart packaging solutions that use 100% reusable and 100% recyclable materials that are carbon negative. This renewable approach is driven by GoFor’s purpose to “make cities more livable” by reducing air and noise pollution and minimizing tailpipe emissions and landfill waste. 

“There are no excuses for last mile companies not to be delivering carbon negative miles right now,” said Ian Gardner, CEO of GoFor. “It is our responsibility to create a clean future and we must evolve our operations and make immediate and bold moves to change the way things are done. We are responding by offering an approach that aggressively reduces our company’s carbon footprint. GoFor will lead the way in driving positive new practices in our industry–our planet needs it, our cities and our future deserve it, and we are excited to provide it to our merchants with these renewable delivery services for their customers. Together we will become climate change agents and develop safe, healthy cities.” 

Renewable delivery is no longer an option. As GoFor continues to lead the way in renewable delivery services in North America, the company remains committed to its goal of reducing the environmental impact of delivery from end to end. 

The company aims to convert more than 50% of the fleet to all-electric by 2025, and carbon negative operations make GoFor one of the greenest last mile delivery options on the market. This new strategy demonstrates GoFor’s ambition to revolutionize logistics with innovative, eco-friendly technologies while delivering the ultimate customer experience.

“Today, we stop supporting the status quo and start actively working to roll back the clock with net-negative carbon emissions thanks to our 10 for 1 carbon reduction offset program,” Gardner continued. “Our advanced technology increases the efficiency of our fleets, and our professional drivers fulfill the GoFor promise of fast, reliable delivery — all while remaining environmentally friendly. Our renewable delivery strategy pushes the envelope forward as we lead the way in low-cost, reliable, and climate-conscious last mile delivery.”

For more information on GoFor, please visit www.gofordelivers.com or www.gofordelivers.com/renewable-delivery.

About GoFor
“Get It Delivered Now”—that’s the GoFor promise. GoFor focuses on delivering large items locally in a few hours. The Ottawa, Ontario, Canada-based company helps North American businesses of all sizes get bulky products to customers fast and sustainably, and works with some of the biggest names in the retail, construction and supply chain industries. GoFor can either supplement a business’s existing delivery services or replace them, and the company’s renewable delivery reduces the cost of last mile logistics as well as its carbon footprint. The result is simple, seamless and sustainable delivery that helps make our cities more livable. For more information on GoFor, visit www.gofordelivers.com.

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