Amazon Prime Day 2021 Sales: Top Marketing Insights


customer expectations for green delivery are growing

Ian Gardner, CEO at GoFor Industries, a provider of last-mile, on-demand, and same-day delivery solutions for suppliers and retailers, said, “Prime Day is the culmination of growing customer expectations for affordability, convenience and speed. Delivery in a matter of hours is becoming the consumer standard, as seen with Target and Walmart offering competing sales events. But the true winner will be the retailer that is not only the quickest and most efficient to deliver, but that focuses on sustainability at every level of fulfillment.”

Ian added, “Customer expectations for green delivery are growing. We’ve seen Amazon investing in Rivian electric vehicles in response, FedEx partnering with Chanje Energy, UPS partnering with Arrival, DHL building their own captive Streetscooter fleet and GoFor partnering with a soon to be announced commercial EV OEM.”

“If retailers who are not on the Amazon Marketplace want to compete and use delivery as a competitive advantage, they need to be talking to last-mile delivery partners who can help them. –  They need to scale up their capacity for same-day and next-day delivery and they need to be considering EVs and other sustainable transportation methods, rather than just simply marking down prices. This means forging strategic delivery partnerships that can help them and that have expertise in  the implementation of  green practices throughout their entire delivery ecosystem, while not sacrificing scalability and efficiency, especially during peak shopping holidays such as Prime Day.”

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