a guide to designing last mile delivery around your customer

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • why retailers are struggling to deliver last mile at scale
  • how to redesign fulfilment and delivery around your customer
  • current and future technologies that will transform the delivery experience

executive summary

Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Walmart are driving expectations around last mile delivery that other retailers are finding it hard to meet. The vast majority of consumers now expect same day or faster delivery, but barely over half of retailers offer it — and when they do it’s sometimes only in select markets.

To better meet the expectations of modern omnichannel shoppers, retail fulfillment and delivery must be reimagined. But how to do that? It starts with putting your customer at the center of your strategy.

By looking at key components of your delivery experience —fulfillment centers, technology platforms, delivery fleets, and drivers — and optimizing them with your customers in mind, you can go toe to toe with your top competitors and retain the loyalty of your customers. 

This guide explores recent trends in last mile delivery and provides tips on how to redesign the experience with your customers in mind.

learn how to put your customers at the center of your last mile strategy