This company is using sunlight to charge EVs

Despite the best efforts of automakers, climate activists, and even the president, the adoption of EVs faces some roadblocks. Setting aside the steep upfront cost, widespread EV adoption would require a massive network of expensive charging stations that simply doesn’t exist yet. 

On Thursday, sustainable last mile delivery provider gofor partnered with San Diego based PI Energy to pilot a solution that would allow EVs to be charged using sunlight. As the newest member of PI Energy’s Pilot Deployment Plan, gofor will literally wrap its vehicles in solar panels to turn anywhere under the sun into a charging station.

“We believe PI Energy’s technology can provide new ways of improving our delivery performance for our customers, which makes our business even more sustainable and efficient, while also lowering the total cost of ownership for EVs,” said gofor CEO Ian Gardner.  

“Charging electric vehicles with surface integrated solar [photovoltaics] allows us to drive further and cleaner while reducing the necessity and frequency of having to recharge the EV while it’s on route doing a delivery,” he added.

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