Ottawa's Fastest Growing Companies for 2022

The prevailing narrative is that the pandemic caused massive job loss and business failures. People will look back at the pandemic as a time of economic ruin.

However, OBJ’s 2022 Fastest Growing Companies have a very different story to tell.

The profiles provide evidence that the pandemic is also the biggest business catalyst of this generation. Almost half of the top 10 companies experienced four-digit revenue growth during the pandemic and all would agree their businesses are stronger today than they were three years ago.

2022 Fastest Growing Companies
​​​​​(three-year revenue growth in parenthesis)

  1. Bushbalm (5,570%)

  2. Noibu (1,721%)

  3. GoFor Delivers (1,382%)

  4. Ottawa Deck and Rail (1,185%)

  5. Ottawa Valley Meats (450%)

  6. Food Cycle Science (425%)

  7. (422%)

  8. Sampford Advisors (342%)

  9. Keynote Group (244%)

  10. Purecolo (243%)


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Nicole Cheffey

vice president marketing