Distribution and Supply Chain in Construction: Challenges, Technology and Future Perspectives

In this episode of Construction Pals, we interview Brad Rollo from GoFor Delivers.Brad’s company is a construction material delivery company that is driven by new, novel technologies to best benefit consumers.

Host, Jason Dodier, inquires about Brad’s introduction into the construction industry. Brad worked as a seasonal construction employee, focusing on arts and geography as a student. However, he was able to combine his passion for geography and his experience in construction into a new tool that would limit the fees and costs of deliveries in the construction industry.

Brad lays out a few possible scenarios in the industry that can cause miscommunication between retailers and contractors, ultimately causing a decrease in revenue generation. Each scenario has its own pitfall, whether it be a simple or large task that is miscommunicated, which is where GoFor Deliveries comes in. GoFor Deliveries is equipped with new technology that integrates and easily adapts to the current software that construction businesses use.

This also addresses one of the biggest challenges in the industry, says Rollo. Oftentimes, contractors and retailers want to keep using the practices and resources that their business has been equipped with. As a result, they fall behind in the digitalization and new technology trends that are developed.

Brad discusses this point further to highlight how beneficial technology can be for business, especially those in the construction industry. Equipping businesses with new developments, like API tech, can enable them to leverage growth and avoid loss of revenue.

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