5 things retailers need in a last-mile delivery partner

E-commerce sales dramatically increased in 2020 due to the pandemic — up nearly one-third from 2019 to reach an estimated $791.7 billion. Despite the challenging times, customer expectations for delivery remain higher than ever: they expect shipping to be fast, convenient, sustainable, and paired with real-time updates.

And there are real risks to not being able to meet (or exceed) today’s customer expectations. In fact, 84% of buyers who have a bad delivery experience won’t buy from the same retailer again. A poor delivery experience jeopardizes your business’s reputation and growth.

For example, take exercise equipment company Peloton. Its pandemic-induced popularity is threatened by 10+ week delivery timeframes, last-minute delays, and a payment upon sale requirement (before the product’s arrival). Customers expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, canceling purchases, and defecting to competitors.

Even after the world reopens, having an end-to-end supply chain strategy that provides excellent delivery will remain table stakes. To meet customer expectations, retailers need a last-mile delivery partner that can help scale and modernize their logistics.

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